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    It was one evening. In my place with windows open to the city, you exposed your work to me with simplicity and sincerity. I already knew a little about its roots.
Mixed roots where Europe and Japan were facing each other in unusual cultural advances. As a painter, you wondered about
  : what is painting in our time,  how to be a painter, which medium or not and for which painting.
How to compose the canvas ... compost it with the Singer machine ...
Daring to create from nothing which is not nothing. Essential fragmentation, but not staying there. Seeking to bring together so that there is thought.
Braille tears, new demands. Holes, holes, holes… in canvases of time and space. Like hollowed-out cores, in small points of mirror, gaze and voice, from one bank to the other. The Lilliput mouths open to the world of a nascent painting are there to visit the observing eyes.
And now, preceding these aerial canvases, bordering on the palpable and the disturbing, unexpected assemblages dizzying the emptiness and the enigmatic of this living painting.
Informal and intangible composition.
Silent exhibition, so unusual that one remains magnificently astonished. The first time a painter works in the post-immaterial era that is ours. Painting in this advance is an elegant challenge.

                         Claude MAILLARD


Claude MAILLARD is a psychoanalyst, writer.

Author of numerous publications, including novels, photographic, sound or electronic works such as visual or digital poems.

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